good craftsmanship

6 Reasons Why Good Craftsmanship Matters

Whether you are building from scratch or remodeling, good craftsmanship makes a world of difference. Especially if you lean toward minimal aesthetic, like me. I recently had to fire a construction worker who just did not put his heart into what he was doing. He was rushing too much, making one mistake after another. The result was unacceptable.

It got me thinking. Clearly, it’s all in the details. Clean, crisp, and fresh design details inspire a sense of calm while taking your project to the next level.

Below, consider 6 reasons why good craftsmanship matters and should be taken seriously.

good craftsmanship

#1: Good craftsmanship adds a level of refinement.

Good craftsmanship allows you to enjoy unobtrusive elegance of clean lines. You are stripping down and paring back to the essentials, as it is not necessary to cover mistakes and sloppy work with moldings. Less is more. Understated simplicity catches the eye and makes a bold statement without being loud.

good craftsmanship

#2: Good craftsmanship gives you a result that is more thoughtful and considered.

Each connection is carefully executed. Take thresholds. They occur at various places throughout your home and are most apparent when one type of flooring material changes to another. Making tile flow into wood, for example, as smoothly as possible is desirable. And it takes careful craftsmanship to ensure that the level change is indistinguishable at every transition.

good craftsmanship

#3: Good craftsmanship is long-lasting.

Things that are built well, age well. They’re made to last, to withstand daily use, and to look better as a result.

good craftsmanship

#4: Good craftsmanship celebrates beauty and character.

Simple materials, such as concrete block, can be elevated with gracious details. A layered, thoughtful mix of materials and textures will give your space a sense of honed refinement.

good craftsmanship

#5: Good craftsmanship makes any space shine.

Simplicity exudes sophistication and luxury. Fine craftsmanship accentuates simplicity. It’s the subtle things that make a space superb, and close attention to detail is where good design lives. A well-edited, expertly curated space is very inviting.

good craftsmanship

#6: Good craftsmanship does not go out of style.

Expert construction, synonymous with good craftsmanship, is key when opting for a timeless effect. It is the quality that comes from creating with care and passion.


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  1. Alexander Popov says:

    Very descriptive and concise tour into the world that often is not accessible to the naked eye of an amateur. Alla does it with elegance in simplicity of her explanations of the various details of design, supporting it with carefully handpicked photographs which nicely illustrate the main concept of the blog. Good job!

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it!