Why architectural services online?

Whether you are organizing your home, remodeling a kitchen, or converting a garage, the outcome is up to you. You are in control. You forge ahead on your own terms. But if you stumble and need expert advice, is ready to help. Chances are, you will save money and time using architectural services online.

Working with Alla Kazovsky, the architect behind, is actually very rewarding. Here’s what one client wrote:

Dear Alla,

thank you very much for these useful suggestions. Your idea of the Tea Room is exactly what is should be…a place where one can sit in silence, savor and forget the world outside! I will continue on this path following the interesting approach of your book “DIY Like an Architect”. What you wrote is true; stimulating our personal creativity, we can really  make our ideas come to life and that’s the good architect’s job — helping the customers find their way. So, once again, thank you for your original thinking and approach…for sure I will come back to you soon for your support on this project! A presto, Fabiola

Even if you are a DIYer, there are times when you feel overwhelmed and could benefit from:

  1. a second opinion
  2. professional advice on some tricks of the trade
  3. practical tips related to a design challenge at hand


No contracts to sign.

No commitments to make.

No strings attached.

For a nominal fee paid through PayPal, you can tap into architect Alla Kazovsky’s more than 20 years of experience.

Taking advantage of architectural services online is empowering. Alla DIY Ally helps you avoid expensive mistakes. You have a safety net. No need to hesitate. Brainstorm and strategize with a guidance of your trusted architect on demand. Create your masterpieces. It’s a great deal!

It is the coolest way to DIY.

What can help you with? is a virtual architectural office set up to assist DIYers with the following:

  • how-to questions
  • conceptual thinking
  • layout design
  • material selection concerns

How does it work?

  • Go to GET ADVICE Page
  • Fill out a contact request
  • Describe your project and list questions
  • Attach relevant sketches and photos
  • Pay $65 per hour
  • Expect realistic solutions

Take advantage of architectural services online provided by Alla DIY Ally. Expand on your vision, stick to the budget, and have a peace of mind all at the same time!