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Architecture class at ArtCenter’s Saturday High: week three. We are working on understanding scale and proportion. First two sessions were devoted to initial brainstorming steps of DIY Like an Architect: 11-step method. Today my creative teens are sharing the insights — building presentation skills is one of the objectives.

Architecture class at ArtCenter’s Saturday High: week two. In the first workshop we learned how to approach a project by means of mind mapping and collaging — steps 1& 2 of DIY Like an Architect method.  Today my creative teens are parti diagramming.

Even in my wildest dreams, I had never considered becoming an architect until someone asked: “Why don’t you study architecture?” He was a stranger — my jaw dropped: “But I don’t even know how to draw!”

I became acutely aware of my aversion to “going with the flow” when pregnant with first child. Perhaps, that’s when I realized that every little step matters. It has consequences. It is being observed and emulated. Clearly, I have to make sound choices. I need to be a responsible role model because children love copying their parents.

We all need our own territory to manage emotions. Even if it's just a favorite chair to come back to. I have a chance to claim an underused garage and convert it into my own studio and home office. Hence,garage conversion design ideas.

In my previous post I talk about designing for the way you really live. But there's no need to dwell on limitations. Most importantly, you do not need to compromise. Even when dealing with a tiny space. Below please find some big laundry room design ideas.