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I am perusing various booths exhibiting at the New York’s ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). Strikingly sculptural custom panels of a display catch my attention. Their abstract beauty stops me in my tracks. Design ideas and various possibilities come to mind right away.

I marvel at the installation. The exhibit is by Razortoothdesign LLC. Their base is in Brooklyn. I take note of the immaculate welding job on the elegantly detailed table/counter. Mounted on the wall, as a backdrop, are two aluminum custom panels. Back-lit and layered in a three-dimensional arrangement. Approximately 50% of the solid material is digitally cut out. The intricate pattern resembles stylized tree branches.

It’s very inspiring. Kiril Kirov, the designer at the helm, tells me that I can submit any number of raw design ideas, and they will be able to translate them into the technical drawings. Their custom panels are produced out of relatively thin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PVC, and aluminum composite sheets.

Razortoothdesign turns plates of metal or plastic into gossamer custom panels that in turn partition or layer space to your heart’s content

These custom panels not just organize, they artfully “elevate” any environment or installation. I imagine possible applications. Considering multiple design ideas and challenges at once is my preferred state of mind.

I could find a way to apply these custom panels in my garden room bathroom/sauna. And create a screen for the kitchenette. I appreciate the fact that these sliding panels would be much thinner. Aluminum composite is 1/8” thick and lighter than if I were to use plywood.

We can collaborate and devise a minimal, super thin rolling mechanism with Kiril Kirov. I can learn from him and his partner Jeri Su. I’m sure they have lots of good design ideas of their own! It’s a chance to create something new. Of course I will go with a custom pattern for my custom panels!

I’d like multiple panels to morph into one piece… Invisible joints… Design ideas are flowing…

I walk away quite intrigued. In addition to custom panels, Razortoothdesign LLC manufactures light fixtures! Hmm… This presents another chance to experiment and prototype. Transforming design ideas into original outcomes is a constant inspiration! 

custom panels, design ideas

Razortoothdesign studio/courtesy of Razortoothdesign


  • May 19, 2016

    Hi Alla!! Thank you so much for describing us so accurately. We are getting excited reading about us. Kiril and I are looking forward to collaborating with you on many projects.

    • Alla DIY Ally
      May 20, 2016

      Thank you very much, Jeri Su!! Glad you liked the post. I look forward to our collaboration as well! Talk to you soon.

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