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This week I am going to be in NYC, my home away from home, for a memorial, dubbed as a “Celebration of Life.” If asked to speak, I will talk about celebrating beauty of life every day while we are alive, not just when a life is commemorated.

Celebrating beauty? That wouldn’t be hard. Right? Beauty is everywhere. We don’t have to search far and wide to find it. It doesn’t even have to be found, just acknowledged. It’s in the attitude we assume. “Celebrating Beauty” is synonymous with living life to the fullest.

Which, by the way, does not necessarily imply constantly seeking adventure. Novel experiences can take place precisely where we are. Beauty, as it is recognized in simple things, can offer great variety. By slowing down, simplifying our lives, and cultivating a sense of order we can allow ourselves to connect with beauty all around.

Living to the fullest implies a lifestyle focused on creating a dynamic, healthy, and thoughtful space within ourselves as well. Sort of like being at home in our own skin. Speaking of home! Our home has to be tangible, real, and beautiful. It’s part of us. It’s not outsourced.

Celebration of life happens while we are celebrating beauty by revering it in our every day surroundings

Living to the fullest can also mean creating a more considered, intimate living space. Our home is where we can feel at peace to cultivate beauty while focusing on every little detail. Kafka said: “Reality is never and nowhere more accessible than in the immediate moment of one’s own life.” Our home lets us tell a story of who we are as we unfold.

Beauty is not immaculate, well-appointed, or honed. It is:

  • not forced;
  • tangible, within reach, our own;
  • what we love.


  • contributes to the sense of having lived fully;
  • changes, expands everything;
  • gives life emotional coloration.

Our home lets us be ourselves while we are celebrating life

Besides nurturing the ability to notice and acknowledge beauty everywhere, we can create it! I just came across a blog post that provides suggestions on how to set the tone with color, because color can affect your emotional state. We can approach the idea of celebrating beauty as a means for self-expression. It’s beautiful if it feels right. There are no rules. It’s about:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Visual appeal
  • Balance
  • Harmony

Would you agree? Does this concept resonate with you? I find myself relentlessly celebrating beauty at home, a place where I sit, stand, and sleep. It is essential; it sustains me. Thus, if you need help or have any questions for me, your online architectural consultant, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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