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8 Tips on Displaying Objects: From Museum to Home

Yesterday, I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) with the sole purpose of collecting tips on displaying objects. I wanted to see what can anyone learn from a museum to apply at home.

With only one hour to spare, it still had to be a broad overview. I managed to visit 5 museum buildings and feel that my list of tips is comprehensive. As an avid collector of teapots, I know what to look for.

Below please find 8 simple tips on displaying objects in your home as if it were a museumdisplaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #1: Center on the Wall

Playful or not, an architect in me tends to center. It feels more balanced and complete.

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #2: Utilize the entire space

When you utilize the entire room, it is very impactful. You are maximizing the space available.

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #3: Place at eye level

For something to be appreciated to the fullest, it has to be easily seen.

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #4: Create a composition

A week ago, I had to move all of my beloved teapots from the shelving unit they reside in onto a table surface for cleaning. My beautiful collection transformed into a pile of “junk.” What a difference careful and thoughtful placement makes! Artful arrangement is critical.

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #5: Feature prominently

A garden designer friend explained to me how every garden has to have a few “stars” or focal points. The same idea applies when displaying objects. Choose your “stars” and regard them as such.

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #6: Tell a story

Your home is the expression of who you are. When displaying objects, you want to reveal why they are important to you. More than likely, there is a story to tell about every treasure. What makes them special? Why are they in your home?

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #7: Arrange thematically

Telling a story is easier when you group things. My teapots are clustered by color, shape, and method of production. One of the tips is to find a complementary combination where each object belongs to a “team.”

displaying objects, tips, home, museum

Tip #8: Consider lighting

Lighting is very important. Out of these 8 tips on displaying objects, lighting might as well be the first one. Consider lighting carefully. Here’s some sound advice that would apply to displaying objects as well as art. At a museum as well as your home.

For more tips, please take a look at my free downloadable ideaBook 01: Displaying and Organizing.


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  1. Mia Kazovsky says:

    This post is relevant and helpful, thank you. I am currently working on displaying artwork in my apartment, and I will take all eight of these tips into account. Right now gallery walls are extremely popular on the interior design blogs that I read, so this is super valuable information for any DIYer.

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      Mia, I am so glad that this information is helpful! Good luck with your own installation!!!