IKEA's. Sunnersta, mini-kitchen

My Plans for IKEA’s Sunnersta Mini-Kitchen

IKEA’s new Sunnersta free-standing mini-kitchen is ideal for my garden room. Maybe to someone, it’s “the no-commitment kitchen,” but I love it. It was just unveiled as one of the brand new designs in IKEA’s 2017 catalog, which claims that this tiny thing offers “all the function of a full-sized kitchen with just a fraction of the assembly and installation effort.”

And it costs $139 with sink and faucet! After reading about it, I had to see and touch it in person. Besides, with a price tag this low, I was afraid that it might be sold out immediately. So, I rushed to the store the day following the official release of the catalog.

Sadly, it hadn’t been assembled yet. At least its companion, Sunnersta utility cart ($29.00) was on display. Thus, I was able to examine the finish, which met my approval — it’s white matte polyester powder-coated steel.

IKEA’s Sunnersta mini-kitchen is tiny, but that’s exactly what I need — something basic, compact, and inexpensive

IKEA's. Sunnersta, mini-kitchen
Sunnersta accessories
IKEA's. Sunnersta, mini-kitchen
Sunnersta utility cart
IKEA's. Sunnersta, mini-kitchen
Algot wire baskets


In addition to the built-in sink, the mini-kitchen is meant to be equipped with two very unusual appliances. Designed specifically for it, a cube-shaped undercounter fridge and a portable induction cooktop are perfectly sized to be its ideal companions. Unfortunately, these appliances will not be available in the US until next year. OK. I’ll wait.

Next step is to layout the mini-kitchen as part of the garden room and to see how it will work in plan and elevation. I’ve shared my pre-Sunnersta ideas for it here. Hmm… I thought I had a very small space, but it appears that there’s enough room for two (Width: 44 1/8”, Depth: 22”, Height: 54 3/8”).

IKEA's. Sunnersta, mini-kitchen
floor plan

Of course, installing two mini-kitchen units side-by side defeats the purpose. Just one is meant to be sufficient. Great! I can adjust the layout and reduce the area allotted for the kitchen by 18”. A seven-foot 24-inch-deep niche will be enough. This means I can simplify the bathroom/sauna area.

The real fun of it for me is customizing and combining various pieces. I’ve been upcycling IKEA’s offerings for years, even created a free downloadable ideaBOOK documenting some of the projects. I thrive on this stuff!

In addition to the main unit, I’ll incorporate the Sunnersta utility cart as the counter extension. For extra storage, I am considering stacking two carts from a compatible Algot line on top of each other. The frames with six wire baskets each will act as drawers do in a traditional kitchen setting. They are 23 5/8 ” deep, a bit deeper than Sunnersta’s depth of 22”, but it’ll be fine. (Width: 16 1/8 “, Depth: 23 5/8 “, Height: 30 3/4 “)

Seems very practical. IKEA’s Sunnersta mini-kitchen + utility cart and Algot closet storage solution will look quite clean and minimal together. It will work really well with Tillerda portable induction hob and fridge. Would you agree? Please let me know here or leave a comment below.


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  1. Alexander Popov says:

    It takes a truly creative mind to incorporate a minimalistic yet practical kitchen into the high quality sauna/garden room project. And this architect does it with elegance of design and care about comfort of people who are going to use it. Good jop!

  2. Mia Kazovsky says:

    Wow what a cutie little kitchen!! I think this would be great for NYC people living in shoe box apartments as well!

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      I agree!

  3. Crystal says:

    I have a tiny 8×8 kitchen that had huge cabinets and a counter top…just ripped it all out in exchange for Ikea shelves and this mini kitchen in place of our sink. I’m loving it!

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      That’s great! Thank you for sharing, Crystal!

  4. Jasmine says:

    I can’t figure out how the sink hookup and drainage works and can’t find anyone explaining it on the Internet. What is your plan for that?

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      Jasmine, I believe you can resolve this question with a plumber. It’s a standard hookup, but it has to be done professionally. Good luck! Let me know if you have further questions. Alla