DIY Kitchen Design Ideas

Display to Organize: Kitchen design ideas (part three)

In the previous post I talk about maximizing potential by adaptation. Another DIY home design tip is to allow for expansion.

Design process can start anywhere. Sure. Hard to argue with that. But it’s a bit daunting, too open-ended. Somehow, it is much easier to begin with a set of guidelines or boundaries. For instance, if you have a plot of land that you can build anything on, it would make sense to refer to the context for clues. Then, miraculously, if you are respectful of the existing conditions and pay close attention, constraints might just turn into opportunities.

Hence, design tip #3:

TAKE IT TO THE CEILING (kitchen design ideas)

Problem: Wasted space above wall cabinets.

Solution: Shift attention — highlight as if it were a focal point.

DIY Kitchen Design Ideas


Install wall-to-wall floating cabinet/shelf for a streamlined feel.

Feature a teapot collection where functional storage is out of reach.

Use track lighting for a salon atmosphere.

DIY Kitchen Design Ideas
wall-to-wall floating shelf


Added Benefit: A chance to concoct a new organizing and displaying “recipe” with a pinch of unexpected flavor.

DIY Kitchen Design Ideas
a teapot set showcased — clarity


This post and others in the series are based on the ideaBOOK 01 Displaying & Organizing available for a free download here.

If you have any questions, please address them to me in your comments below. I am at your service as an online architectural consultant and DIY ally.


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  1. The Pink Panther says:

    Do you think this design idea will work in the kitchen with low ceilings?

    1. Absolutely! Standard ceiling height is 8′. Anything above 6’6” is out of reach.

  2. Eduardo Lovato says:

    Alla, in order to use your online architectural services, do I have to get in touch with you first through the contact form? Or can I just pay and send the project description? The problem is that I do not know how long the project will take.

    1. Eduardo, you can use the option “$50 – initial consultation” and include the project description. Then, we can figure out the next steps of working together. By the way, in an effort to promote my how-toBOOK, we are offering an excellent deal: «Read the book DIY LIKE AN ARCHITECT and get the first consultation free.» The book might have some answers for you already! Regardless, your first consultation will only cost you $10!

      1. Eduardo Lovato says:

        Thank you for your reply. Obviously, I am jumping on this offer and buying the book.

  3. Eduardo Lovato says:

    Alla, I bought the book DIY LIKE AN ARCHITECT, but there was no option of attaching my documents. How do I send the project description to you?

    1. Eduardo, I have sent my contact information and availability to your email. Will wait for the project description and the time that is convenient. Thank you.