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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Peta writes:


    Are you able to provide consultations to people in Australia? We are struggling to define the layout for our house (knowing it needs to change and expand by a room or two) and are looking for an online architectural consultant. We need someone to spend an hour or so chatting with us about some options. We are comfortable then drawing up plans and the details but literally don’t know where to put the rooms.”

    Melissa writes:


    We are in the beginning stages of designing a custom home with our builder and struggling with coming to a final floor plan for the house. I’ve attached the latest layout which is still too large but his smaller plan becomes too choppy and eliminates a few items on my “must have” list. This is our retirement home and we want it to be smaller but still have the common space areas to host family dinners with our children and grand children. Long story short we need help!”

    Bahim writes:

    “Hi There,

    I am writing from Trinidad and Tobago, where I am currently working with a draughtsman to do a residential concept. The home will be concrete and need to be done according to the Government Town and Country planning guidelines. In other words, I cannot change the perimeter set-back measurements. I recently received the latest draft in .DWG format but having difficulties in conceptualizing the room spaces upstairs. My main concern really is how to maximize the available space, to have the best possible outcome (Size + Functionality for each room).

    I understand that you are an online architectural consultant. Is this something you can help with if I sent the drafts? What will be the total cost if you can? Looking forward to your reply.”