Alla Kazovsky, a USC/Columbia University trained architect, has been practicing architecture since 1992.  She established in 2014 to encourage other people’s creativity and self-reliance. Prior, she founded Alla Kazovsky Architects, a practice focusing on residential environments and products to fit individual lifestyles.

Kazovsky’s Easel + Art Cart was sold nationally and received Best Toy of the Year Award from Child Magazine in 2003. Her aluminum A-Desk was produced for and sold exclusively at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Store; it received the Good Design Award in 2009.

Alla Kazovsky’s work has appeared in numerous periodicals, including Financial Times of London, The New York Times, InStyle and Elle Décor as well as in books, such as: Graphis Product Design 2 & 3, The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects, 1000 x Architecture of the Americas, Pool Design and others.

An educator and creativity coach, Alla Kazovsky established as an online architectural office to consult DIY home improvement enthusiasts.  Whether organizing a home, remodeling a kitchen, or converting a garage, DIYers rely on Kazovsky as their “architect on demand” to provide straightforward professional advice for any design challenge.

As the DIY Ally, Kazovsky is a resource, advocate, and ally to help avoid expensive mistakes. “Forty percent of customers at Home Depot are DIYers,” said Kazovsky. She lends tricks of the trade, a second opinion, and practical tips relating to space planning issues, while cultivating a client’s personal design aesthetic. Advice includes size and scale reviews, multifunctional space suggestions, flow and clutter removal ideas, lighting recommendations, and methods to visually expand existing space without increasing the footprint.

As a reference tool, Kazovsky has written a simple step-by-step how-to book, DIY Like An Architect: 11-Step Method, available to download for $10. She accompanies each step with historical information as food-for-thought, or as she says, “FYI (For Your Inspiration).”  Along the way, DIYers hone their creativity from Step 1: Mind Map to Step 11: Site Plan.  Kazovsky provides easy design definitions, suggestions for supplies and reading materials, and activities to develop skills to think like an architect.

Alla Kazovsky instructs two-day workshops every semester at Art Center College of Design to provide hands-on introduction for the 11-step method described in the book. In two days, adult students work on brainstorming exercises, collaging, 3-D diagraming, drawing to scale, and model building to become familiar with the tools needed to go from concept to execution.

“Alla Kazovsky’s keen sense of design and beauty is complemented by a marvelous practicality and attention to realistic solutions for the challenges (or opportunities) at hand,” said Erica Clark, former Vice-President at the Art Center College of Design. “Her new book, DIY Like An Architect, brings together the best of her clear approach to design and the many rich influences that have shaped her practice. This is a wonderful guide.”