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Alla Kazovsky Architect

This portfolio features examples of work that might be considered DIY projects. Nichols Canyon, Secret Garden, and Garden Room are places where we’ve lived. Kids’ Studio was the name of my first solo practice. As far as Encino Backyard, Brooklyn Apartment, and Glass Staircase are concerned, the clients gave me complete authority.

As this portfolio clearly shows, being my own client gives me an opportunity to experiment. I love that.

But I have to brace myself, as the process is such that from a pristine vision in my mind’s eye, it has to turn into a huge mess associated with construction before emerging as something close enough to what I’ve been anticipating.

Every day brings me closer. The dream is becoming a reality. Yet, it takes weeks, even months. I’m nervous about the outcome. Of course it’s counter-productive, but living in the now in the middle of a project is easier said than done. I can’t help, but feel apprehensive. Instead of focusing on the present, I am stressed out about the future. So many details might not come out quite the way I envisioned.

To combat the sense of dread, I am constantly reminding myself that it’s self-defeating. I try to be mindful and devise multiple ways to calm the nerves.

Not to be completely overwhelmed, I stay ahead of every trade and plan for subsequent steps. Obviously, everything does start with a plan. A floor plan. And a list of daily goals. No one else knows of all the intricate details that will come together at the end. Of course, it’s nerve-wracking. OK. Let me stay on track.