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DIY Like an Architect

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Alla Kazovsky leads Architecture workshops at ArtCenter College of Design, where she teaches her own 11-step method.

These workshops are intended for DIY home improvement enthusiasts who would rather lose a limb than surrender control of their dream projects.

Through particular brainstorming exercises, such as mind mapping, collaging and 3-D diagraming, Kazovsky introduces a range of tools an architect employs while moving from concept to solution. The workshops mainly focus on developing a parti, a singular bold idea that allows a participant to define something without knowing what it is yet. Alla’s objective is to demonstrate how a parti can serve as a frame of reference, informing and guiding every aspect of the planning process.

upcoming: spring 2020

The workshop is HELD AT Artcenter extension and is based on Alla’s how-to BOOK DIY Like an Architect: 11-step method.
Prerequisites: desire for self-discovery
Meeting times: 2 Sunday sessions 1-4pm / see schedule on Art Center’s website
To register online:
To inquire: 626.396.2319