Close is a virtual architectural office catering to DIYers by providing architectural services online — making it possible to access professional advice if and when it is necessary. is your home base where the guidance of a professional architect, a master at small space solutions and making everything fit, is only a click away!

Suppose you are building your own DREAM HOUSE, pouring your heart and soul into the project, making your vision come to fruition. It’s very exciting and challenging at once — there are so many nuances you have to anticipate. Your DREAM HOME has to be a healthful environment constructed with sustainable, toxic-free materials using current technologies and methods. You want to make sure that spaces flow organically and to keep your budget in check. is your destination whenever you need support in achieving these goals.

Alla Kazovsky, the architect behind, is your online adviser helping you DIY like an architect. Her objective is to encourage you express your individuality.

Alla’s architectural services fees are just as friendly as the services she provides.
They include the following:

  • teaching you tricks of the trade
  • checking to make sure that your project is sized / scaled properly
  • advising you on how to integrate spaces in a multifunctional way
  • offering suggestions on how to improve flow and limit clutter
  • recommending ways to bring outdoors in
  • enticing you to take full advantage of what is available
  • showing you how to add without increasing the footprint is your source of insiders’ secrets.

Take advantage of architectural services online and DIY like an architect!