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What is

What is is a web-based consultancy that caters to DIY home improvement enthusiasts by providing architectural services online and making it possible to access professional advice if and when necessary.

Take advantage of architectural services online and DIY with an architect!

Hello, my name is Alla Kazovsky. My life is a never-ending DIY project. Firstly, it focuses on cultivation of creativity. Secondly, it is devoted to expansion of knowledge. But not just for my own benefit. What is gained, I employ in service of others through

mentoring excites and motivates me. EMPOWERMENT of my clients is AT THE CORE OF alladiyally.

your source of insider's secrets:

  • teaching you tricks of the trade
  • checking to make sure that your project is sized / scaled properly
  • advising you on how to integrate spaces in a multifunctional way
  • offering suggestions on how to improve flow
  • persuading you to limit clutter
  • recommending ways to bring outdoors in
  • enticing you to take full advantage of what is available
  • showing you how to add without increasing the footprint