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What Clients Say About
Alla's Architectural Services Online

I am very honored to contribute to the page of Testimonials. I have looked deeply at Alla’s own work — it’s just beautiful — clean and clear lines, deeply satisfying, balanced — wonderful! Through her architectural services online she makes it so approachable…(This is me daydreaming about living/working in a space Alla has helped me design.)


Not all architectural services online are created equally. I searched for an online architect for quite some time. Finally, I came across! Alla is a true creativity coach. She supported me during our kitchen remodel. Thanks to her advice and inspiration, I have a new and improved place to perfect my culinary skills. My husband and children are delighted!.

 EMILY MOZ, client

I had a vacant one bedroom high rise condominium in Westwood CA – on Wilshire Blvd – that was dark, and closed off, depressing, and frankly I didn’t even want to think about it or to go visit it. I decided to invite Alla to take a look at it … what did she think? Alla provided me with a complete remodel plan – we gutted the place, and replaced everything – from floor to ceiling. We used glass and ceramics and cutting edge materials to create a warm and open, and bright space that is absolutely wonderful to behold.

Alla worked with all of the necessary trades and craftsmen throughout the term of the project – and it was so much fun to be a part of creating a beautiful place to live. I was a little bit sad when the project ended, and I will always be grateful to her.

Alla is an Architect’s Architect. She is also as warm and creative and as full of life as the space that she created for me. My advice: Hire her. Work with her. It will make you happy.


While working on my house remodel I needed access to architectural services. However, I did not want to hire a traditional firm because I’ve had several bad experiences in the past. Serendipitously, I found Alla DIY Ally offering architectural services online. After the initial consultation, I realized that Alla Kazovsky is a professional I can work with. No contracts, no time wasted. We communicated if there was an issue I needed her help to resolve. Very efficient.


Undoubtedly the most committed designer exploring the needs of children and families.


Alla is an amazing architect. I found Alla through an article in the LA Times and have purchased one of her fireplace screens. Subsequently, Alla has consulted with me on redesigns for my mid-century modern home, and her ideas and suggestions are incredible. She is a true talent.


Alla helped us build an outdoor kitchen and to remodel our backyard, turning it into an oasis. Every time we hit an obstacle, Alla maintained a positive attitude and did everything in her power to help us resolve it. The process was a truly collaborative effort. She guided us, offering multiple solutions to every problem we encountered. Alla exceeded all of our expectations; we would definitely recommend her architectural services online.

OLGA LYASS, client


We have just installed our shelves per your design drawings. Stunning is an understatement. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous. Thanks soooo much for your professional assistance and wonderful vision.

 shimon eckstein, client

Alla is a talented consummate professional, who delivers what she promises to both her clients and her colleagues. She has a strong work ethic and an eye for details. She is collaborative and easy to work with always.


Dear Alla! Thank you for consulting with us!!! You are so efficient! We truly benefited from your architectural services online!

Great idea for the bedroom floor, the closet space and the laundry room… Love the staircase, the walk-in closet and the way you added symmetry to the footprint with the spacing between dining room and living room and office… Wow!

Thanks again Alla… You have no idea how much your work is appreciated… I was starting to have doubts about this whole project!


I like my school space more every day. It would have been better with the beams you called for rather than the soffit Armando put in, but it is still wonderful. The way the ceiling opens up, out, and into the light is a metaphor for learning. The modern and traditional elements never clash. I am happy the whole time I am in the space.