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alladiyally, monthly retainer

Monthly Retainer

Working on a long-term project and need an ARCHITECT ON DEMAND?

$650 monthly retainer

When you engage Alla DIY Ally services with a monthly retainer, you establish a hotline to a specialist who makes sure that:

  1. You are in charge: you can rely on your architect on demand while nourishing and harvesting your own ideas.
  2. You are doing more with less: you have access to an expert without a big price tag.
  3. You can sleep at night: your concerns are addressed as soon as they arise.
Request help with any of the following concerns:
  • how-to questions
  • space-planning questions
  • specific layout questions
  • conceptual questions
  • material/resource questions

To initiate your online collaboration with Alla Kazovsky, please fill out the form below:

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