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Brooklyn Apartment

Brooklyn Apartment

This Brooklyn apartment was remodeled (stripped and reshaped) for a client I know since the 80-ies. He is my ex-husband and one of my biggest fans these days.

He talks about the great job I‘ve done on his Brooklyn apartment when I am not there to hear it.

At his previous place on the roof of the building where Alexander Calder’s descendants and the Libeskinds resided, he would have to eat standing up but lie down to watch television. Not a good plan. Finally, he acquired a penthouse in Williamsburg, a hipster area of Brooklyn, big enough to have a dining table, a sofa in the vicinity of the television set, and ample space to display his favorite things.

He has a lot of “objects.” From antique rugs, to Early Soviet decorative art, to Art Deco Tiffany silver. And it piles up. One of the challenges was to curate it, edit it down, and showcase pieces that enhance the space, not clutter it. The main objective was to create an infrastructure that keeps things in order. Mainly, I set out to make his life easier. In addition to space planning skills, the project features my own urban style of interior design — built-in cabinetry, kitchen, and selection of finishes.

I reconfigured the existing floor plan to create a master bedroom suite. I was able to enlarge the master bathroom without disturbing the building’s plumbing. I opened up the third bedroom to create a library. Incorporating custom cabinetry throughout gave it consistency. Maintaining an open layout for the living room + dining + kitchen area, flanked by the terraces on either side, made the apartment feel very generous and expansive.

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