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Kids’ Studio

Kids’ Studio

I thought long and hard about what makes a good parent while expecting my first daughter Mia. Identifying with Diane Keaton’s character in the romantic comedy Baby Boom was the first step in my evolutionary strategy. I was inspired to leave the corporate world and the idea for Kids’ Studio came a couple of years later… In the meantime, to move forward, regardless of self-doubt, I set out to build a stimulating nursery. As a trained architect and a DIYer at heart, I could at least make the bedding for the crib. Serendipitously, my architecture license arrived in the mail the day Mia was born.

Then, pregnant with the second child, Nastasya, I launched Kids’ Studio — an architectural practice committed to creating enriching environments for children.

Kids’ Studio, a “playground” and a “schoolhouse” at once, afforded me self-respect and maturity. In fact, I was decidedly ahead of my time when introducing the KidPlay line of furniture — a modern answer to a sea of too-cute stuff everywhere. It received a great deal of press, which led to a few life-altering commissions that brought amazing opportunities for my daughters.

Contemplating what children want, I went to the source and invited kids to share expertise through drawings of their ideal world. To master a skill of intelligent communication without talking down, I established Children’s Architecture Workshop. Later on, to keep up with evolving teenage daughters, I became a creativity coach.

Playing in the process, I have developed toys, products, and a child’s-eye — a great way to DIY motherhood — courageously giving it all I’ve got! And yes, raising children turned out to be extremely gratifying.

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