DIY Ally, online architect

How DIY Ally, an Online Architect, Helped Me

Becoming DIY Ally, an online architect, helped me achieve fulfillment through accepting things as they are, without concern where I rank among others.

It had to do with my aspiration to live mindfully. The idea was born as I was turning into an empty-nester. Viscerally I knew it would serve as a pathway to increased wisdom and compassion.

It expanded my horizons

Becoming DIY Ally helped connect me with the world outside of myself, with something much larger. It helped me see other people more clearly, to respect them as heroes on their own journey. Embracing the concept of advice without strings, I grew into someone more inclusive.


As DIY Ally — an architect on demand — I get all sorts of questions coming from people with very different stories. By paying attention to others, I cultivate open-mindedness. It teaches me to be tolerant instead of judgmental. As a result, I take myself less seriously.

It made me a better listener

Becoming DIY Ally helped me to be present in relationships, to provide empathy to others and to support others. That’s my humble contribution toward building a better world where substance is valued over status.

The goal is to provide most coherent and succinct advice possible by bringing full attention to one project at a time. Focusing completely and intently means stepping into someone’s shoes. It makes for a very rich and rewarding experience. It also helps gain insight.

Becoming DIY Ally, helped me feel more compassionate for myself

The idea behind online architect was not to take things personally or to simply take my ego out of the equation. The idea was to address another person’s struggles and to buttress them in their vision. The idea was to embrace and nurture the authenticity of those who seek my advice. And it was all rooted in the desire to be of service.

Miraculously, while cultivating kindness for others, I am cultivating self-kindness. We all have experiences of loss and failure. The interconnectedness is truly emphasized when we take the time to listen to each other.

Being an online architect I am forced out of my comfort zone because I need to be in the public eye with all of my inadequacies and perhaps lack of credibility. It turns out, I can handle it. In fact, I want to do more!

Becoming an online architect made me a better communicator

As DIY Ally, I have been learning on a daily basis how not to act compulsively but respond thoughtfully. As an online architect I seize opportunities to be mindful (see and accept things as they are) with every interaction.

Every interaction has to be measured and gracious. I steady the mind and focus on an issue at hand, as it is always important to take some time, to assess what’s going on in the current moment with the person I am helping.

Being an architect on demand means having a virtual practice where clients are coming and going, like thoughts. Someone is building a tree house for six children or trying to reduce a footprint to stay on budget, or buying a new apartment and wants to add a bedroom. I chime in with a proposed solution — they run with it. It’s extremely gratifying to make just a little bit of a difference. DIY Ally is not a made-up persona. It’s who I am, taking deep pleasure in simple things.


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  1. Mia Kazovsky says:

    Firstly, thank you for the link about “Mindfulness.” It is an aspiration of mine to be more mindful as well. It is so cool that you have created DIY Ally because not only does it benefit everyone who hires you and utilizes your knowledge, but it is great for you as well. I am thrilled to read about how DIY Ally has improved your life!

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      Mia, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the link about mindfulness! Isn’t it lovely? I watched it this morning again. As usual, you are very insightful and are able to recognize the underlying concepts. Being DIY Ally has improved my life!