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I’ve been getting a lot of traffic on AllaDIYAlly lately. For instance, just last week I heard from a client in Washington’s Wenatchee Valley who is enlarging a small bedroom and adding a bath suite. He inquired: “If I send current dimensions and include a sketch and additional square feet, can you work from that?” Of course, I can!

When enlarging a bedroom, creating a bath suite, or finding room for a walk-in closet, call your architect on demand!

The process is extremely efficient. Just pay with PayPal (it’s $50 bucks for the initial consultation) and send the background information you want me to consider. For example, here’s what this particular client provided:

  • A rough layout/dimensions of current bedroom and bath. He clearly indicated adjacent rooms that would remain and adjacent deck that would supply the additional square footage for the extension.
  • A photo of a long narrow bathroom with shower/soaking tub at far end as an inspiration. He wrote: “Like the window, as we have privacy.”
  • A snapshot of the existing conditions — “current deck as viewed from window in current bedroom looking north to river.”

Adding 250 sf to a small bedroom changes everything.

Thus, the “enlarging” involves demolition and extension to create a spacious bedroom and bath suite with a walk-in closet. It’s clear; I can estimate the time it would take to draw up the existing to scale and then to come up with a couple of workable ideas.

Something like this will take five to ten hours to do; the client is receptive. He asks if I can send some samples of work. He writes: “I won’t need finished plans for the builder. I just want your thoughts, sketches as to how you might think it would work based on the square footage of existing and new we have to work with.”

Sure! I refer him to the blog. Next thing I know, he’s downloaded my how-toBook DIY Like an Architect.

enlarging, small bedroom, adding, bath suite, alla diy ally

I start immediately and send in version one. Apparently, I’ve overlooked the inspiration photo. He attaches it again. Now, that I am quite familiar with the project it’s obvious. More than anything, he loves how the tub and the shower are combined. It was my mistake to assume that he was simply focusing on decorative finishes and the view from the window.

In addition, he responds to the bed placement: “Also on the wall the bed is located — which we do like the idea of the bed facing the back yard/deck — is that enough room for a king sized bed without it looking too tight?”

enlarging, small bedroom, adding, bath suite, alla diy ally

Great feedback. His input helps me refine the layout. Versions 2 & 2A feature a master bathroom that not only incorporates the view — it combines the shower and bathtub. In the end, enlarging a small bedroom and adding a bath suite (at least on paper) turns out to be not such a daunting endeavor!


  • Mia S Kazovsky
    January 25, 2019

    This is a super breakdown oh how DIY Ally, Architect on Demand works. How awesome that working with such a talented, renowned architect is so accessible through your site! You make people’s dreams come true! How great is that!?

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