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I am getting better at living in the now. These days, I start my day by doing a particular meditation routine called Falun Dafa. Thanks to a good environment and my husband, an experienced teacher, with every practice I feel more confident and able to focus. At first, I was really distracted. Losing concentration is still an issue, but slowly it’s getting better. Regardless, I keep at it —  not too much of a commitment, just a 15-minute routine. Consistent, brief, daily sessions eventually garner good results.

One might argue that any place is a good environment for meditation, as ultimately you have to go within. Yes of course, the whole idea is to turn your outward flowing energy (via your senses) inward to find the deep calm and bliss that is within you. But it takes A LOT of practice not to notice where you are.

good environment, meditation, routine

For a beginner, like me, our garden room is a perfect setting. There’s just enough space on the sisal rug (with the table wheeled to the side) for two. According to my husband, who is extremely attuned, the vibrations here are very encouraging and supportive. He says that the energy is palpable.

When establishing a meditation routine, setting up a good environment is a place to start.

Of course, it makes me feel very proud that I was able to create a room that has the attributes conducive to meditation. Flanking the garden, it’s a serene space infused with harmony and beauty of nature. When designing this particular segment of the project, I intuitively set up the following guidelines:

  • A quiet and calm place;
  • A spot where the air is fresh with no wind blowing directly toward you;
  • A location where light is soft and can be adjusted, if necessary;
  • A setting that is clean and orderly, with no clutter.

good environment, meditation, routine

Meditating in a room without anything that may cause a distraction is ideal. To create good conditions and increase your chances of fully focusing on your session, these items should be turned off:

  • telephone;
  • computer;
  • TV.

I’ve read that electronic gadgets — through temptation to use them — create negative energy in the room. Perhaps it’s better to take them out completely.

However, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to silence the world. A successful meditation routine depends as much on a good environment as on the ability to let your distracted thoughts flow by like water, without judging or hanging on to them.


  • Mia S Kazovsky
    July 19, 2017

    I JUST started meditating this week. I have made a commitment to myself to meditate for 5 minutes first thing when I wake up. I have been doing it before checking my phone and before even getting out of bed to brush my teeth. I agree that a good environment is key. For me, my cozy bed is more than а sufficient environment.

    • Alla DIY Ally
      July 20, 2017

      Mia, I am very happy to hear that! I think that cultivating a practice that allows you to focus inward is truly important.

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