Display to Organize: 10 Design Ideas (part one)

Next ten posts will focus on how you can simultaneously organize and show off your prized possessions. We all have them — my first ideaBook is about spotlighting, curating, choreographing and framing mine.

I spent first sixteen formative years of life in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia). My affinity for Russian culture is not intentional, rather ingrained — layered and woven through, even subconscious. It sets the tone. Although I am a fully assimilated Los Angelino, you can still discern a nod to that Russian heritage in my collections of books, teapots and wooden spoons.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, I was painfully shy and quiet. Perhaps arranging objects that were near and dear to me exactly the way I liked it was a way of communicating, gaining control — revealing. Hmmm. Has acquiring a voice been an overarching theme of my entire career? Interesting. I have come a long way — confidently providing home design advice, consulting DIY enthusiasts online, teaching. I thrive on encouraging creativity and self-reliance.

Hence, design tip #1:

REVEAL (remodeling design idea)

Problem: Impossible to hide new electrical conduits within the existing raw redbrick wall.

Solution: Conceal eloquently — create an additional layer.

Introduce a freestanding hollow partition to house everything required.

Added Benefit: “Wire management” wall reveals a provocative niche.

cantilevered shelf
cantilevered shelf


I delight in designing ledges, display rails and stands to feature personal treasures, interpreting the expression “all at your fingertips” in a private language — focusing on beauty while striving for efficiency.



Hence, design tip #1a:

CONSOLIDATE (small home design idea)

Problem: Relocating 10 years later.

Solution: Downsize intelligently — crop the shelves to cantilever from one bracket.

Added Benefit: Enough wood left over to use on a custom valance; virtually zero waste.

left-over wood put to use — reinforcement
left-over wood put to use — reinforcement


As mentioned above, this post and nine to follow are based on the ideaBOOK 01 Displaying & Organizing available for a free download here.

If you have any questions, please address them to me in your comments below. I am at your service as an online architectural consultant and DIY ally.


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  1. Martha Diego says:

    Alla, it’s great that you decided to elaborate on the points discussed in your first ideaBOOK. I am a fanatic for your home design ideas described in the ideaBOOKs. So happy to see larger images, too. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    1. Alla Kazovsky says:

      Martha, I am glad to be of service. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have a particular question.

  2. Alisa K says:

    Where can I purchase these shelves?

    1. Alla Kazovsky says:

      The ones shown are custom-made. Of course you can order them through me, but I would encourage you to make them yourself. I can guide you, no problem.

  3. Alisa K says:

    I’d love your help with this, Alla. How do I get in touch with you? Also, under architectural services fees, would this be considered an initial consultation of $50 or $65 per hour?

    1. Alla Kazovsky says:

      Sure! Go to the link and fill out the form. Since this will be our first time, we can start with $50 initial consultation. By the way, in an effort to promote my how-toBOOK, we are offering an excellent deal: «Read the book DIY LIKE AN ARCHITECT and get the first consultation free»

  4. Alisa K says:

    Alla, thank you SOOOO much for being my DIY ally! I never thought that for $10 I could get help and an excellent book! I am thrilled!!! BTW, your how-toBOOK has inspired me.

  5. Ray says:

    Thanks very interesting blog!