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This blog is my diary. I write about what interests me. Recently, I’ve been grappling with astrology. It started as an attempt to be of service — daughter Mia is launching a fashion brand inspired by the zodiac. Well… My first birthchart took longer than a month to analyze. I thought it would be impossible to penetrate another one, but couldn’t just give up. So, I figured out how to gain proficiency and streamline the process. By breaking up a ton of information into manageable bits, I’ve been diagramming my way to comprehension!

Above all, my fascination is fueled by Steven Forrest’s  The Inner Sky. Here is how the “transformational astrologist” explains it all. The zodiac is a vast wheel of light. A prismatic spectrum with 12 color zones, it encircles the earth as if it were a halo. Beneath that halo move the planets — the mediators. They traverse the signs at their individual speed operating like tinted lenses each of a different hue. The planets carry the light down to us, focusing and distorting it. “What arrives here on earth is a melded rainbow of planetary rays, changing minute by minute.”

Apparently, all of these variables are crystallized within us at the moment we’re born. Each person is unique with his or hers identity and purpose. Forrest writes: “The Universe hands us the key to comprehending the mind.”

Incredible. Instead of skepticism, I feel empowerment. Why not take advantage of this “moral toolkit?” The architecture of our character has been designed for us. We take chances and make choices to validate our destiny. All of it happens for a reason. And it is our responsibility to adapt with self-respect and dignity.

Whether we ever look into it or not, the zodiac tells — every single one of us — what it means to live well in our souls.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: “No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life.” However, the zodiac can provide the blueprint for its foundations — foundations of your personality.

Thus, I am studying the subject, trying to learn the language sufficiently to grasp its riddles. I am enthralled by the process of deciphering complexities.

Diagramming allows me to simplify from a common-sense point of view!

diagramming, zodiac

Clearly, breaking up the birthchart into sub-topics is much easier than trying to fathom a very detailed, extremely precise narrative told in glyphs. Thankfully, diagramming allows me to dissect the complexities and perceive the following:

  • The primary triad.
  • The ruling planet of the ascendant.
  • The focalizers.
  • The aspects.
  • The nodes.

Furthermore, diagramming gives me the clarity to address a lot of information sequentially, not as one big jumble. Bit by bit, I peel the onion. Crack the code. While unearthing the nuggets of insight, I witness a character emerging. The creative impulses that are inherently part of us. We are in possession of all the necessary faculties to make us feel complete! The zodiac spells it all out. As a result, we see the nature of our moral construction as it was intended.


  • Alexander Popov
    December 28, 2018

    Thank you for the beautiful poetic description of this celestial guiding system! Waiting for more on the subject.

    • Alla DIY Ally
      December 28, 2018

      Thank you, Alexander! I will keep you posted.

  • Mia S Kazovsky
    December 30, 2018

    I love this post! Firstly, it’s beautifully written and analyzed. Secondly, these quotes are very thought-provoking. Building your bridge to cross the river of life! Hmmm, how empowering! I love this/your approach to the zodiac. Astrology as a “blueprint.” Finally, It’s inspiring to see you tackling this new field. Despite thinking it to be impossible, you created a system to help you learn this language! That’s awesome. Maybe soon you’ll be fluent! I want to do the same!

    • Alla DIY Ally
      December 30, 2018

      Such a great comment!! Thank you very much, Mia!!

  • Nastasya Popov
    December 31, 2018

    As always, you let challenging topics and questions excite you rather than deter you! This post speaks to your unique open mindedness. It empowers everyone to feel that they, too, can unlock the lessons that rest in their stars.

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