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In my previous post I wrote about a master bath renovation as work in progress. Since then, we have settled on a layout and are in the process of selecting bathroom fixtures and tile. It’s a good opportunity to test the plan while focusing on nitty-gritty. The agreed-upon layout features a brand new shower and a tub in their existing locations. It seems most practical given the issue of the drastically sloping ceiling. There just isn’t enough headroom at the bay window for a shower.

selecting, bathroom fixtures, tile

That’s ok. We can improve the  showering experience by increasing the designated area and making it feel much more generous and luxurious. I’ve drawn a fixed glass panel that controls splashing water and separates the shower stall from the rest of the space. I am envisioning it as a barrier free enclosure that one simply walks into. A door is not necessary.

The angle is determined by drawing a line connecting the bay window with the wall at the door. It would be nice to accentuate this detail with both floor and wall tile. Something to keep in mind in the process of selecting appropriate materials.

Speaking of selecting… I gladly drove to Porcelanosa, a wonderful resource for both tile and bathroom fixtures. The showroom near me is always featuring new vignettes.

selecting, bathroom fixtures, tile

Besides vanity countertop, floor and wall tiles, I have a whole list of items to specify:

  • Wall-hung (one piece) toilet;
  • Freestanding soaking tub & tub filler;
  • Undermount bathroom sinks with 8” wide spread faucets;
  • Shower thermostatic volume control trim / shower arm & head / wall mount hand shower;
  • Linear shower drain;
  • Medicine cabinet.

The selection process was really streamlined by Mike Mawhinney, my personal rep, as I tend to use Porcelanosa products a lot! He took his time suggesting various options and verifying availability. In the end, I walked out of the store with everything picked out, expecting an email that itemized and priced it all at a considerable discount, thanks to a Thanksgiving promotion in progress.

selecting, bathroom fixtures, tile

As part of the service, along with me, my clients are getting a set of tile samples so that we can discuss everything on the phone. No need to meet in person — very efficient.

Now, with one quote in hand, it’s prudent to do some comparison-shopping. My next destination is a Ferguson showroom. At our initial meeting, my clients had mentioned that they like Ferguson.

selecting, bathroom fixtures, tile

Another very pleasant experience! Thank you, Kevin Simmons. I especially love that because of the trade discount I will pass on to my clients, they’ll save enough money to pay for design advice I am providing. With the help of a professional, the process of selecting bathroom fixtures and tile does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can be fun!


  • Mia Kazovsky
    November 19, 2018

    No doubt that this bathroom will be generous and luxurious. With you as the ally on duty and these gorgeous Porcelanosa fixtures, it’s a luxurious guarantee.

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