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Tommy Hilton, an artist of a carpenter, is an inspiration. He is an expert at what he does. When Tommy is on the job, I can feel at ease. Everything will be done even better than I envisioned.

Tommy has this self-assured way about him. He punctually arrives on the jobsite first thing in the morning and starts the day by setting up his saws. He asks for a cup of strong Russian tea. I dutifully oblige. It’s a great morning, full of anticipation… Tommy will take any concept I might have and playfully turn it into reality. I know, once he touches something, it will be enhanced.

He is a true artist of his craft

Tommy Hilton. artist, carpenter

I respect and admire his in-depth knowledge of materials and woodworking techniques as he creatively approaches any challenge. He is quick to resolve any issue that comes along! In addition, he owns every tool imaginable, including a state-of-the-art laser.

He always asks before rushing ahead and guessing; he calls me for a consultation. Those are the times of true collaboration. Working with him is a joyful team effort. I am not just a client. I take part in the creative process.

Tommy Hilton. artist, carpenter

It’s not only about the finished product or the eventual outcome. The sequence of steps leading to the final result is very important. It’s a discovery. When we are building something together, I am learning from him.

Tommy Hilton. artist, carpenter

I can’t repeat it enough — Tommy Hilton is an EXTRAORDINARY carpenter

Since we are making things out of wood, the material’s grain and texture play an important role. Tommy understands and respects the intent. He makes sure to execute it precisely. In addition, he brings his own ingenuity into it.

I’ve written about disappointments. But not here. I rely on Tommy Hilton to interpret my vision through his own know-how lens. My work is quite laconic; he bestows each line with its own quiet, understated voice. We have this thing about reveals. A reveal is a gap between two surfaces. It creates a shadow or emphasizes a clean line. Tommy asks: “Do you want a reveal here?” 99% of the time I do.

Tommy Hilton. artist, carpenter

We share the minimalist esthetic, where fine joinery and precision are crucial. When fasteners are visible, their design, placement, and alignment make a big difference. With Tommy Hilton, an artist of a carpenter, it can be taken for granted. He will do an elegant job.


  • Mia Kazovsky
    January 16, 2017

    Nothing is more inspiring than reading about someone who does their job with so much passion!

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