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If you would rather lose a limb than surrender control of your dream project but would enjoy learning some tricks of the trade, the workshop I lead might be of interest. It is a two-day DIY Like an Architect workshop offered at ArtCenter College of Design.

DIY Like an Architect workshop provides a hands-on introduction to a process an architect embarks on when facing a blank sheet of paper, just like you.

Through particular brainstorming exercises, such as mind mapping, collaging and 3-D diagraming, you become familiar with the range of tools to help you move from concept to solution.

You learn how to develop a parti, a singular bold idea that allows you to define something without knowing what it is yet. You discover how a parti can serve as a frame of reference, informing and guiding every aspect of the planning process.

The workshop is based on a downloadable DIY Like an Architect: 11-step method how-toBook

As a reference tool, I have written a simple step-by-step how-to book, DIY Like An Architect: 11-Step Method, available to download for $10. Each step is accompanied with historical information as food-for-thought, or as I call it, “FYI (For Your Inspiration).”

Along the way, DIYers hone their creativity from Step 1: Mind Map to Step 11: Site Plan. The book provides easy design definitions, suggestions for supplies, reading materials, and activities, which help develop skills to think like an architect.

Even if you can’t attend the workshop at Art Center College of Design, you have access to the course

The only pre-requisite is the desire for self-discovery. A mother and creativity coach (aka “allaDIYally”), I strongly believe in nurturing the designer in everyone. I encourage self-reliance and mentor DIY home improvement enthusiasts by offering advice without strings.

meeting times: 02. 21 + 02. 28 / SUN 1-4 p.m. / HILLSIDE CAMPUS

to register online: to inquire: 626.396.2319

DIY Like an Architect: ACN-459W-01/ $195

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