DIY Design Ideas Hallway

Show Off Your Kids’ Artwork: Home Design Ideas with Long-Term Benefits (part four)


I talk about good use of space and making every inch count all the time.Another theme that is of paramount importance is building an environment that instills confidence as much as nurtures creativity in children. The objective is to provide adequate room to grow with lots of choices along the way.

Hence, today’s design tip:

FRAME & REINFORCE (hallway design ideas)

Problem: Very long, narrow and poorly lit hallway.
Solution: Take creative control — illuminate by ushering in light and art.

Hallway DIY Design Ideas


Widen where possible.
Create light coves.
Take advantage of the wall expanse to set up an eye-engaging gallery of kids’ artwork. Float slim exhibition rails directly under the light coves on alternating sides. Place at eye level. They are fitted with a lip at the front to stop pictures from sliding forward.

DIY Hallway Design Ideas
an exhibition rail


Added Benefit: Prominent display of children’s art encourages individuality.

DIY Design Ideas Hallway
creativity celebrated — reinforcement


This post is based on the ideaBOOK 01 Displaying & Organizing available for a free download here.

If you have any questions, please address them to me in your comments below. I am at your service as an online architectural consultant and DIY ally.


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  1. Mark says:

    I really like this lighting concept. How difficult is it to do?

    1. Alla Kazovsky says:

      It is a matter of creating a lighting cove (recess) and installing flourescent tubes.

  2. Betty says:

    Alla, what is the name of the wood you used in the exhibition rails?

    1. Alla Kazovsky says:

      It’s mohagony.

  3. Kristian says:

    A wonderfool home design idea to transform a narrow ordinary hallway into a well-lit gallery!!!

    1. Thank you very much!

  4. Emma says:

    I love the way you mix metal and wood!!! Amazing!!!

    1. Thank you for your complement. Combining materials allows for an unexpected result. It is always an experiment.

  5. Chloe says:

    What a great idea! Taking advantage of the wall space seems like a must, especially in long hallways. Using it for storage, with shelves and hooks keeps the rooms tidy, but also adds a sense of individual personality.

    1. Alla DIY Ally says:

      Thanks, Chloe! Take a look at this one:
      Best, Alla