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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement store in the world, a creative hub. It is the nerve center of activity involving the imagination or original ideas. That’s how I started thinking of it recently. Would you agree with me if I called it an awesome Temple of Creativity?I plunged into the obsession with The Home Depot while studying The Home Depot consumer from the standpoint of my own online architectural practice. I cater to DIY-ers, the same types who frequent The Home Depot. That’s when I realized what an incredible creative hub it is!

Creative hub is a place of infinite possibilities

Thus, in an effort to understand who my potential clients are, I decided to conduct mini interviews at The Home Depot store near me. In less than an hour I talked to eleven people. There was a young woman who is helping her boyfriend to open a vegan doughnut shop. Another one, in “wellness events industry,” is painting a room. And another one, an interior designer, is helping a client with organizing a party. There also was a couple “looking for inspiration” as they are modifying a desk for him, a software engineer working from home.

An editor is remodeling a bathroom. An English teacher, who is moving into a new apartment, was looking a way to conceal electrical cables. An architect (with a young son sleeping on his shoulder), who is building his own home, was standing in the lumber isle, choosing something for the garden project. An art director, who is making a judges’ table for a cooking reality TV show, was in the process of selecting a “bronzy” spray paint.

Creativity is about making something with your bare hands and following your instinct. Being bold and authentic is where it starts. And isn’t it nice to know that there is something of the magnitude of The Home Depot that can support that?

Researching artist studios, I came across an interesting post on Houzz identifying various sources of influence for creatives all over the world. It featured eleven artists and designers. From Italy to Spain to Germany to Japan to France to Russia to The United States. Inspiration is derived through the interaction with actual places, people, objects. Exploring surfaces, volumes, readily available materials, traditional folk art, landscapes.

home depot, creative hub, architect on demand, advice without strings

DIYers have plenty of choices at the Home Depot

I believe in The Home Depot cause to be the world’s best one-stop shop when it comes to:

  • inventing,
  • taking risks,
  • breaking rules,
  • making mistakes,
  • and having fun.
I can definitely see creatives everywhere turn to The Home Depot as the first go-to resource.

It truly does feel like a creative hub powered by the energy of those who get the vibe of connectedness there. It feels like an art supply store, a large bookstore, or an open kitchen restaurant. It’s a place where your imagination brings things to life.

I envision The Home Depot as a “cult” of sorts (having admitted to the obsession, I can just come out and say it). Empowering, supplying the tools, stimulating exploration and invention. The creatives can trust The Home Depot. Its well-oiled-machine-like operation gives them a sense of belonging to a tribe.

Hmm… I am practically becoming The Home Depot spokesperson. Maybe I should meet with them to propose a strategic partnership. If you know someone who knows someone in their corporate leadership circle, please write to me here. OK. Don’t worry about it. Just write to share your thoughts on the subject.


  • Mia Kazovsky
    December 18, 2015

    This, as usual, is such a great post. “Temple of Creativity” I love that! To me it sounds like what I would call YOUR household. Such a positive post, and I love reading about the cool fellow DIYers you met.

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