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I attended LA Build Expo a couple of weeks ago. Overall, it was disappointing, but I did come across a very interesting product; it’s called wedi. A 100% internally waterproof modular shower system, a lightweight and dimensionally stable (flat) panel assembly that acts as a substrate to virtually any stone or tile adhesive. I was happy to learn about it and look forward to specifying it.

Incorporating a shower stall into a bathroom space seamlessly is always my preference. However, attaining a barrier-free, uninterrupted floor plane where a shower can function without a curb or a step presents technical complications. Safe recessing of a sloped base into an existing structural floor can be a challenge. Another issue is a flush transition of waterproofing beyond a designated area.

To address these, wedi engineered Fundo Ligno, a sloped shower base that is only 3⁄4″ thin at its perimeter. Its installation within a 3⁄4” plywood structure requires no cutting into joists. Furthermore, Fundo Ligno is designed to interlock with wedi Building Panels used as waterproof backer board on walls as well as on the surrounding floor. Once the panels are secured and all seams are sealed, tiling can begin immediately. Installation and waterproofing are accomplished in one step.

wedi waterproof modular shower system offers a dependable solution for constructing a 100% waterproof and mold-proof installation.

In addition, wedi joint sealant provides little build up, making for square and tight corner areas ideal for tiling. The panels are easy to cut and can be shaped using a basic utility knife. Their even, reinforced cement resin exterior offers “a superior bond surface” to virtually any tile and stone adhesive. Apparently, they also have heat insulation properties and save energy.

Have I mentioned? The level of prefabrication reduces labor costs significantly. According to wedi product literature, installation of a waterproof modular shower system takes only 30 minutes — practically nothing! “Measure, possibly cut, thinset to subfloor, connect drain – done.”


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