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Architecture class at ArtCenter’s Saturday High: week two. In the first workshop we learned how to approach a project by means of mind mapping and collaging — steps 1& 2 of DIY Like an Architect method.  Today my creative teens are parti diagramming.

Even in my wildest dreams, I had never considered becoming an architect until someone asked: “Why don’t you study architecture?” He was a stranger — my jaw dropped: “But I don’t even know how to draw!”

I became acutely aware of my aversion to “going with the flow” when pregnant with first child. Perhaps, that’s when I realized that every little step matters. It has consequences. It is being observed and emulated. Clearly, I have to make sound choices. I need to be a responsible role model because children love copying their parents.

We all need our own territory to manage emotions. Even if it's just a favorite chair to come back to. I have a chance to claim an underused garage and convert it into my own studio and home office. Hence,garage conversion design ideas.

In the previous post I write about tailoring space to your lifestyle. Addressing a design problem holistically is another guiding principle. Especially when working with a tight bathroom. Please take a look at some space saving tips and design ideas below. I hope they will come in handy.

In the previous post I write about celebrating creativity. Here I want to insist that you do not need to put up with makeshift solutions. Bedroom design ideas converge on a simple objective. How does one tailor space to his or her lifestyle is the question.

I talk about good use of space and making every inch count constantly. Another topic of paramount importance is building an environment that instills confidence as much as nurtures creativity in children. In other words, the objective is to provide adequate room to grow with lots of choices along the way. For example, I love showcasing my kids’ talents throughout our home. As such, a hallway gallery of kids' art is a no-brainer. But it's not simply one of hallway design ideas, it's a way to encourage and promote self-esteem.