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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the issues encountered while producing a set of documents necessary to get a building permit. Thankfully, I am done with all of the submittal requirements. Considering my aversion to all things UBC, it took staunch determination. And I’m especially proud of mastering the most tedious Type V Sheet construction details!

What is Type V Sheet?

Type V is a classification of buildings by construction materials and methods. It is least restrictive as far as Uniform Building Code is concerned. It applies to one-story wood-frame buildings only.

Type V Sheet is a compilation of prescriptive provisions. Jammed-packed with a ton of very technical information, at first glance it appears incomprehensible. But there is no way around it. I have to figure it out. An accurate wall section detail for raised floor construction drawn specifically for the project has to be included in the set as part of the submittal.

Finally, I sit myself down to take it in. I manage to overcome the internal resistance, having to do with stuff I don’t even want to mention. It’s smooth sailing. I make progress and begin to actually marvel at this amazing document, a treasure trove of valuable data to refer to.

I look up sizes of headers. A table of allowable spans for roof rafters and ceiling joists provides a way to specify them correctly, without guessing.

I embrace the overwhelming amount of information on each page of Type V Sheet by appreciating the intent. Thus, it miraculously becomes quite easy to navigate. As if it meets me half-way. As soon as I decide to make sense of the wall section graphic, lines, arrows, and text start to come together coherently.

Type V Sheet provides guidelines; its’ incredibly helpful and informative.

type V sheet, construction details, submittal requirements

The wall section details (above left) are a summary of every possible set of circumstances and can’t be just copied. They are given as a reference to be reinterpreted, adjusted, and subsequently applied to the specific conditions of a particular project (above right). Since they are not drawn to scale, they are a bit confusing. But as I said, if you understand the intent, you can decipher them.

With a little bit of effort, tedious and boring submittal requirements, including construction details, reveal themselves to me…

At last, I am off the hook and can retreat to the safety of this blog. I have kept my promise/fulfilled an obligation and can’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment. Grant it, the drawings produced are very basic, but they satisfy the Department of Building and Safety submittal requirements for a simple one-story addition. They include Type V Sheet prescribed construction details. Mission accomplished.

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